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Wenatchee Youth Baseball Implements Kisi to Streamline Batting Cage Access

By Kristi DeLozier, 08/02/23, 9:30AM PDT


Wenatchee, August 2nd, 2023 – Wenatchee Youth Baseball has embraced cutting-edge technology to improve its facilities and enhance the overall experience for players and coaches. On August 1st, the organization officially launched the implementation of Kisi, a state-of-the-art cloud-based software, to manage access to the batting cages. With Kisi's easy-to-use mobile app, players and coaches can now enjoy a seamless and secure way to access the batting cages.

The decision to introduce Kisi comes as part of Wenatchee Youth Baseball's commitment to fostering a safe and efficient environment for its members. By incorporating Kisi's technology, the organization seeks to eliminate confusion on accessing the facility and offering a contactless solution that aligns with modern standards.

Kisi's cloud-based system enables real-time access control, making it easier for coaches to manage batting cage scheduling and usage. Gone are the days of not knowing if the doors will be unlocked when you arrive. Now, users can simply use the Kisi integration on their smartphones to unlock the batting cages quickly and conveniently.

"We are excited to introduce Kisi to our baseball community," said Cory DeLozier, Secretary of Wenatchee Youth Baseball. "This upgrade is a significant step forward in how we manage facility access and ensures that our players and coaches have a smoother experience when utilizing the batting cages. It aligns with our goal of enhancing overall player development while maintaining a secure environment."

The integration of Kisi is straightforward and user-friendly. Users will continue to use the same booking app, Skedda, to reserve cage time. Once a reservation has been booked in Skedda, an email will be sent from Kisi with the subject line “Access Wenatchee Youth Baseball with Kisi.” The link provided within the email will unlock the cages during the reservation.  

The adoption of Kisi by Wenatchee Youth Baseball is an exciting development that brings the organization one step closer to embracing modern technology and efficient access management. Players and coaches can now focus more on honing their skills and fostering a love for the game, while Kisi takes care of the rest.

About Wenatchee Youth Baseball:

Wenatchee Youth Baseball is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing quality baseball instruction and experiences for youth in Wenatchee and the surrounding areas. Their mission is to promote the values of teamwork, sportsmanship, and personal development through the game of baseball.

About Kisi:

Kisi is a leading access control solution provider that offers cloud-based software to manage secure and efficient access to various facilities. The company's platform is known for its ease of use, seamless integration, and robust security measures.

Kristi DeLozier
Wenatchee Youth Baseball
Phone: (509) 860-1396

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